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Publicity Stills: UA NMM Mock Border Wall on UA Mall
On Monday March 21 (staying up till the end of the month), students at the University of Arizona (UA) group No Más Muertes erected the largest mock border wall in the country to spotlight the lethal effects of U.S. militarization, immigration and border enforcement policies in Arizona, the U.S., and abroad: from militarized Arizona to Israeli-occupied Palestine. Below are several pictures from the first few days (Monday-Wednesday), as the first of numerous groups supporting the wall project begin decorating the wall with political messages, human rights reports and information, and artwork.                                        

Photos by No Más Muertes members, Grecia Ramirez and Karen Figueroa

Unitarian Universalist Chalice No More Deaths is a ministry of the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson
Since Summer 2008