No More Deaths  | No Mas Muertes
We Reject Racism/Rechazamos el Racismo
No 1070!This campaign by No More Deaths and Tierra Y Libertad Organization was launched in May 2010. Through the campaign, participants are building a network of people committed to anti-racism, resisting anti-immigrant practices like SB1070, and aiding our friends, neighbors, and each other in this time of many personal and political struggles.
Desert Aid
supply_drop_thumbNo More Deaths has an ongoing humanitarian presence in the desert migration corridor south of Tucson, utilizing both a fixed base camp and intermittent mobile camps. Our efforts are concentrated in an area 5–20 miles from the international border, and focus on upholding the most fundamental human right—life itself—by providing basic humanitarian assistance to those in need. Read More
Mexico Aid Centers
wrapping_foot_thumbOur work in Mexico, centered around aid stations operated by local partners, directly addresses the needs of the large numbers of people ejected every day into the border towns of Sonora. Volunteers provide humanitarian assistance—including medical care, orientation/referral, and recovery of confiscated belongings—and carefully document human rights violations.
Border Patrol Abuse Reports and Campaign
Almost three years after releasing its initial report detailing hundreds of border patrol abuses, Crossing the Line, No More Deaths is releasing a follow-up report, A Culture of Cruelty, with 12 times as many interviews detailing more than 30,000 incidents of abuse and mistreatment, newly obtained information on the Border Patrol’s existing custody standards, and more specific recommendations to stop the abuse of individuals in Border Patrol custody.

Unitarian Universalist Chalice No More Deaths is a ministry of the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson
Since Summer 2008