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Border Patrol Abuse Report
No More Deaths volunteers are committed to bearing public witness to the injustices taking place on the border. As one corollary of that commitment, our documentation work with repatriated migrants has yielded a detailed report, Crossing the Line: Human Rights Abuses of Migrants in Short-Term Custody on the Arizona/Sonora Border, published in September 2008.

“Crossing the Line”
crossing-the-line-coverThis report presents over 400 individual accounts of Border Patrol abuses, along with analysis and policy recommendations. The stories were collected over a two-year period, beginning as a natural outgrowth of our direct aid work on the border.

The entire report is provided here as a free download. Hard copies are also available; contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request one.
The full report is, regrettably, not available in Spanish, only English, but the executive summary is provided as a standalone document in both languages.
If you are not able to read .pdf documents, most of the text is available as a web preview: (See also the press release: Report Reveals Systematic Abuse of Detainees by U.S. Border Patrol, September 11, 2008.)
Recommendations for Border Patrol Short-Term Custody Standards
Our campaign has drafted an expanded proposal for short-term custody standards, directly in response to the abuse and neglect witnessed by our volunteers and documented in Crossing the Line.  We are organizing to get these standards adopted by the Department of Homeland Security.
For more information about our campaign for custody standards, and to get involved, see Border Patrol Custody Standards Campaign.

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